Daily Logo Challenge: Day 5 Autonomous Vehicle

The #dailylogochallenge emails are now coming in think and fast. Todays brief is to design a logo for a driverless car company. Name idea suggestions were Vroom, Onward and Autonome, I choose the latter because to me it sounds and looks stronger than the other two. Scanning through the posts on the #dailylogochallenge on Instagram I did notice a few well designed logos but on the whole I wasn’t really inspired by what is on there.

I drew inspiration from the FedEx logo designed in 1994 by Lindon Leader. As Michael Evamy wrote in his book Logotype “What makes a logo likeable? If it is the ability to reward repeated viewing with minimum means, the FedEx logotype delivers likeability to the max. The arrow between the ‘E’ and ‘x’ never fails to raise a smile when it is revealed to the unaware.”

Brandner Graphics Daily Logo Challenge Day 5 Autonomous Vehicle

DLC: Day 5 Autonomous Vehicle


Daily Logo Challenge Day 5 Autonomous Vehicle

I’m not for one instance comparing the logo I created for the Autonomous Vehicle Group to the FedEx logo. I wanted to design a logo that draws the viewer in. The typeface I decided to use was Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold as the negative space of the ‘A’ gives the illusion of road markings. The addition of Wi-Fi/radio waves gives further indication of autonomous car technology.

What are your thoughts of this Autonomous Vehicle logo? Please leave your comments and feedback below.
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