Daily Logo Challenge: Day 4 Single Letter

Day 4 challenge was to create a single letter logo and as with my whole approach to this creative task I wanted to come up with something that had meaning, purpose and a context while being unique. So when seeing what others have submitted to the #dailylogochallenge on Instagram it makes me question what possible context or purpose do other designers see their logo designs being used in.

Designing a single letter logo (or any logo) should surely communicate what the brand is about. It shouldn’t be left to the individual viewer to interpret its meaning. The logo will end up having a wide range of connotations, which will be confusing to its audience, and the brands ethos will be lost. There are plenty of logos I saw on the #dailylogochallenge which are nicely done but on there own I couldn’t see what they would represent. New logos especially need to have universal context because they won’t be as recognisable or memorable as the ‘M’ of McDonald’s, the ‘G’ of Goggle or the ’N’ of Netflix for example.


Brandner Graphics Daily Logo Challenge Day 4 Single Letter

DLC: Day 4 Single Letter

The letter S in the above is the logo for Spin Records. The swirls allude to the movement of a vinyl record and the S has connotations of melting wax. The process started with me sketching out some ideas on paper then digitising and compositing the final piece. With the addition of the brand name Spin Records it gives the logo context and meaning while still being an original.

What are your thoughts of this Single Letter logo? Please comment and feedback below.
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