Daily Logo Challenge: Day 3 Panda

The next instalment of the Daily Logo Challenge was to create a Panda logo for a non-profit organisation with Panda Global, Bamboo and Endangered Panda Conservation as name suggestions. As with the previous challenges my starting point was to look at the current submissions on the #dailylogochallenge on Instagram.

By doing so I find inspiration in terms of what looks original and well designed. It also helps me to formulate my own ideas because by looking at other people’s designs I get to see what would work as a logo for me. For example there are a lot of submitted logos that have a similar vibe to them with the use of a panda and bamboo.

Brandner Graphics Daily Logo Challenge Day 3 Panda

DLC: Day 3 Bamboo Panda Conservation

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo is instantly recognisable and unique and I wanted to develop an iconic panda logo that would stand out on it’s own too. I decided instead designing a logo that features the whole panda (like so many submitted to this challenge) I would concentrate on the face. The above design is inspired by the WWF logo in its minimalist and two-tone colour usage but manages to stand on it’s own due to the close cropped face and eyes that stare down towards the brand name.

What are your thoughts of the panda logo? Please comment and feedback below.
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