Daily Logo Challenge: Day 2 Hot Air Balloon

No sooner has the Daily Logo Challenge Day 1 been completed when my inbox pings with the next brief. Day 2 of the Daily Logo Challenge was to come up with a hot air balloon logo keeping it fun and whimsical. Again I took to checking out the submissions at #dailylogochallenge on Instagram and like the previous challenge I was disappointed with how many logos where executed in the same way with the letters O of balloon and the letter I of lift morphed into hot air balloons.

As I wrote in my previous post for me this creative challenge is meant to inspire me to create something new both in terms of my thought process as well as the final piece. Anything creative has to have a meaning, purpose or context and be as original as possible. After some initial rough sketches my ideas were looking clichéd too. I decided to take a step back from trying to come up with ideas and it wasn’t till I was relaxed on doing something else that my idea came to me.


Brandner Graphics Daily Logo Challege Day 2 Hot Air Balloon

DLC: Day 2 Hot Air Balloon

The outcome is a hand rendered continuous line drawing of a hot air balloon and ‘Whoosh’ lettering trailing behind like a rope; together with the blue streaks there is a sense of movement to the whole design. Not only has this challenge tested my creative way of thinking but also my analogue skills before the final digitised result.

Leave comments and feedback below I would like to know what you think of the hot air balloon logo.

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