Daily Logo Challenge: Day 1 Rocket Ship

Iguess we all get stuck in a rut in one way or another, whether we’re aware of it or not. We all end up doing the same routines and have the same thought patterns day in and day out. The key is to recognise this and to try to inject something new or at the very least vary what we do.

For a creative being in a habitual frame of mind will only stifle what you are able to produce. The final outcome will not have challenged you technically or mentally. Are you just creating something because you’ve done it many times before? With what you create, is it communicating something different to what you have made before? Are you on the look out for new inspiration?

For me it was to be inspired to create something new both in terms of my thought process as well as the final piece. With my creative interests lying in photography, graphic design, branding, editorial, animation and web I started to draw up a list of tasks that I could work towards to develop my skills and break from my creative rut.

When searching the web for inspiration I came across the Daily Logo Challenge website (which does what it says on the tin). Once you sign up (for free with your email) you receive an email everyday (for 50 days) with a short brief to work on. You then post your final logo(s) on Instagram, Dribble and Twitter with #dailylogochallenge.

Daily Logo Challenge Day 1 Rocket Ship

To me anything creative has to have a meaning, purpose or context and being original as possible. So, when I started to scroll through the #daillogochallenge to see what other people have posted I knew straight away what look and style I wanted to go for. So many of the logos had the same look and feel to them. Nicely executed but with an all to similar vibe to them. Retro rockets with plumes of smoke trailing behind or around.


DLC: Day 1 Rocket Ship – White


DLC: Day 1 Rocket Ship – Black

“To me anything creative has to have a meaning, purpose or context and being original as possible.”


DLC: Day 1 Rocket Ship – Night Blue


DLC: Day 1 Rocket Ship – Blue

The outcome shown above has a totally different tone to what others have posted online. The first logo (white on black) gives a strong indication of space travel with the white circle referencing a planet against the blackness of space. The second logo (black on white) alludes to looking through a telescope. I purposely designed a streamlined rocket and smoke trail and by placing it on a diagonal gives it a sense of movement. The name Rocket Interstellar Travel gives the logo a context too. Branding for a future spaceflight company perhaps?

Leave comments and feedback below I would like to know what you think of the rocket ship logo.
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