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The wonder and delight of nature is all round and it can be easily taken for granted. Especially those of us that live and work in concrete jungles. We’re also surrounded with constant digital distractions. Whether it’s the self-imposed checking of emails, the bombardment of social media notifications to news feeds vying for our attention.

What if we were to stop for a moment, pull our heads out of the digital realm and take a closer look at our natural surroundings. Doing exactly that has inspired me to create the Flora & Fauna Collection. I started to appreciate the colours, textures and patterns that were blossoming around me. Enjoying these natural delights started to lift my mood and reopen my creative eye.


Parthenocissus: Pillow


Brunnera: Large Print in Blk Box Frame w/ Bright Wht Mount

“Add a stunning hint of the outdoors inside.”  Check out a selection from the Flora & Fauna Collection.


Choisya: Wall Clock


Sempervivum: Notebook

I wanted to capture and showcase these designs by bringing the outside in with products for home décor, wall art and stationery to enjoy. These are available to buy on the Brandner Graphics Redbubble outlet.


 The whole Flora & Fauna Collection – Available now to purchase on Redbubble

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